Making Money With Arts & Crafts

how to make money with arts and craftsMaking money with art doesn’t have to be confined to just your artistic skills, many artists will apply their talents to crafts of various kinds and often you’ll find a quick source of income. I found this article, author unknown, and thought it might be helpful for the visitors of this site…. at least if you are interested in making money with art!

Making Money
With Arts & Crafts

As our economy continues to decline and rising unemployment rates continue to increase many Americans have been scrambling for alternatives to making some extra cash, but you are not alone! Many opportunists are well aware of your need and are quite willing to help you part with your hard earned money by offering over blown income claims. You can protect your self by just doing a little research and using a little common sense.

Do you have a hobby? Most of us do! And if you are good at it, you can turn it into a money making opportunity! The Arts & Crafts industry contributes 10′s of billions of dollars to the U.S. economy every year and this may be your opportunity to grab a piece of the pie.

Let’s take Arts & Crafts as a fine example for making money! What I’m talking about is things you have made with your own hands using your imagination and skill. When making money with Arts & Crafts you should consider a few things in your search such as what you are good at, what can you can do and what do you enjoy.

Everything sells and thousands of crafters and artist make a nice living doing what they enjoy. Artist and crafters all over the world sell candles, rugs, figures, pottery, quilts, photos, bird houses, soap and the list goes on and on. So what can you make?

I believe in doing what I say! So let me share with you a little story of how I make money with crafts. Now keep in mind I am in no way an artist or even a crafter! I just know how to be creative and one day when I was at the Dollar store (You know everything for $1.00) I was looking at some little cowboy figures riding a horse about 8 inches tall. I talked to the lady at the counter and asked how many she had, she said she had 100 of them and after a little negotiation I got them for $0.72 cents each.

Now comes the creative stuff, on my way home I stopped off at a local saw mill and purchased some cedar log scraps and took them home. With a little sawing, sanding and some varnish I made 100 little wooden bases for my cowboys. After drying I epoxied my cowboys on their bases and hand signed each one with my name and date.

I had 8 sets of 12 different little cowboys along with a few duplicates and the following weekend I went to the flea market and set up shop. I sold my cowboys for $12.95 each and sold out that weekend. I had about 20 Hours into this project, spent $72.00 on my cowboys, $18.00 on wood scrap, $15.00 in material and $35.00 for my space rent. My net profit for this project was $1,155.

I hope this gets your creative juices flowing on what you can do with Arts & Crafts.

Combining your artistic talents with some craft work just might be the way to earn a couple hundred dollars a month to a couple thousand dollars a month of extra income in these tough times. I know that I’ve used this method for years…. especially during the holidays since people are looking for inexpensive, meaningful gifts and you’ll find many different church sales, school sales, sidewalk sales and other events to display and sell your wares!

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Make Money From Home with Your Artistic Skills

use your art skills to make money at homeWe live in tough times…. especially if we want to make money with art! Our artistic skills vary, our mediums vary and our passions as artists vary.

Most of us know that practicality plays an important in our own art history. Although we would like to be known as a famous artist, preferably when we are alive, the dictates of everyday life force us to do things to make money…. that is to feed ourselves and our families.

The year may be 2011, but it’s not going to that different in 2021. Some of us, very few of us make it big time, most of us give up but we would just like to apply our trade and make money at home with our art skills.

Let’s assume you are one of those who would just like to feed your family by practicing your skills at home. Did you know very few, ever great artists, very few can make that happen. Sure… you’ll find artists working at hardware stores, landscapers, cab drivers, truck drivers, carpenters …..and on and on you go.

Just because you can’t create that masterpiece and sell it for a couple 100 thousand dollars doesn’t mean you have to be out of the game. You can proudly be an artist, practice your trade, make others happy and in turn make a decent living for yourself.

You need to refocus.

You need to imagine what would bring joy to others (your art) at an affordable price.

My teacher ran into a gig using his water painiting skills to create a work of art on a postal stamp. He did a series of stamps and made a decent living. Not many of us have his skills, but he was able to teach adults how to fine tune their water painting skills.

I don’t have anywhere near the skills of my teacher. But…. I was able to teach groups of homeschool kids the basics of water paiting. I did it at home, around my kitchen table, and the making money at home with art helped to keep our electicity on.

You need to pick between the perfect and the practical.

That means you need to pick between using your skills for that major piece of art and something that will get you from today to tommorrow or this year to the next year.

This doesn’t have to be a joyless process…. in fact it can be quite fun, it allows you to be at home with your family, enjoy your kids, enjoy your husband or enjoy your time at home.

You can really make money at home using your art skills and creativity.

You don’t even have to possess a masters skills. You just need the desire and ambition.

Keep your eyes peeled on this blog and I promise….. soon you will have the ability to join a membership where I share my secrets for using my art skills to make money from home over the internet. You’ll have images, ideas and full video tutorials on everything I do to make money from home painting and creating works of art for different markets.

Remember, a market can be one company or one person or 20 companies…. you are really unlimited when it comes to possibilities…actually you are limited by your desires, goals and ambitions but I promise you can and will make money from home by creating unique works of art for those that need them ….right from your own home!

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Learning How to Make Money Money From Art

You’d have to be living under a rock if you didn’t know we’re living in some very troubling financial times. Just about everyone is on edge when it comes to finances….. so, some of us are always looking for ways to make some extra money!

Most artists have a difficult time figuring out how to make money from art but it really doesn’t have to be that difficult.  Some artists do beautiful water colors. Some artists create stunning murals and some artists create their works and they sit….and they sit. They might sit in a gallery, in an attic or behind a couch. The problem is, nobody wants or desires your creations. Yet you have a passion to create!

This website, “Make Art Money” is all taking your creative talents and channeling them in a way to make some extra money. If you have an interest in learning how to make money from art and you’re open to exploring some different venues then I invite you to check out the pages of this site.

In her membership “Making Money from Art” Elizabeth Parat will explore some common and some not so common methods of cashing in on your talents. We’ll be looking at specific items to decorate and then market. We will also take a look at turning some common everyday items into collector pieces with some creative thinking and talents.

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I won’t say that everyone can enter this arena. If you’re good with a paint brush than this is definitely for you. If you want to learn, it won’t cost much to get started with some basic lessons on how to paint. You can then practice and move on at your on pace.

One thing I promise. If you follow these lessons, you’ll began to get your own ideas on what to paint, how to paint and where to market your creations. So if you have the need for some cash and you are interested in learning how to make money from art please check back often….or fill in your name and email address and we let you know when the ebook and course is ready to start.

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